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Fault Checking Systems to Remove Risk

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At Bilfinger UK we pride ourselves on the quality of products and the services we deliver. Through thorough testing, systems are up and running without problems or delays ensuring the customer and our standards are achieved. 

Depending on project/customer requirements we bring customers and equipment into our workshop to work with us on factory acceptance and integration testing, where we mimic the operating environment as far as possible. During this time, we can also offer customer training. 

From testing at our industry leading facility based in Haydock to substations at some of the most remote parts of the country, we have the capability to pressure, megger and ductor test to ranges up to 56kV. We can also provide HV, MV, LV cable installation and termination testing as well as commissioning; protection relay/trip testing, primary CT/VT injection and proving of schematics. 

When choosing Bilfinger UK we will provide you with unrivalled quality serving as the foundation for a long lasting customer relationship and partnership.

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At Bilfinger UK we utilise our automation integrated solutions and services in all aspects of our projects. This means we can provide solutions that are more intelligent and add value to our customers throughout the life cycle.