Bilfinger UK's skilled workforce provides unified, multidisciplinary support through the life-span of an asset - from design and build, to automated control systems, to operations and maintenance - driving efficiencies and reducing costs.

Our capabilities span two core segments - Engineering & Technologies and Maintenance Modifications and Operations - with services available either individually or in combination to create solutions designed to meet our customers' specific needs.

Engineering and Technologies

From consulting through to engineering automation, manufacturing and assembly: we deliver all services throughout the life cycle of an industrial facility. We advise, design and develop, we erect, manufacture and assemble, we assume responsibility for project management, supply components and commission plants. We provide our customized and pioneering solutions for the design, development and erection of new plants as well as for the modification, expansion and shut-down of existing plants. 

Maintenance, Modifications and Operations

Our service range covers the entire life cycle of an industrial plant. From commissioning through to maintenance and efficiency enhancements as well as expansion, conversion or shutdown: with our services we are in a position to advise, accompany and support our customers along the entire value chain with our extensive experience and strong service mentality.

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