Across Europe, Bilfinger is one of the largest suppliers of insulation contract services and at Bilfinger UK we have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise associated with the provision of insulation on both project work and term maintenance activities. Our goal is to supply, install, maintain and replace insulation in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

We have an in depth understanding of our customers' requirements and are able to formulate the most cost effective solutions, delivering insulation solutions as either a stand alone service or as part of a SIP/MSIP/MEISIP package. We work to bring in innovation to everything we do and we have developed a number of innovations in relation to the provision of insulation services.

Our capabilities:

Thermal Insulation

Lost heat means lost money. By offering customers the right thermal insulation, we can help cut energy costs and make a major contribution to protecting the environment.

Cold and Cyrogenic Insulation

Bilfinger has many years’ experience in the application of both conventional cold insulation traditionally found within the chemical, food and pharmaceutical sectors and more technically sophisticated cryogenic systems for LNG plants within the energy sector.

Fire Protection for Industry

Precautionary fire protection protects lives and valuable assets. We provided made-to-measure fire protection solutions on the basis of the applicable statutory requirements to meet your specific needs.

Consulting and Conception - TIPCHECK

TIPCHECK can identify safety risks (personal protection) and technical defects such as corrosion. With analysis from our trained TIPCHECK engineers, customers can not only save energy and money but also enhance plant availability.

Asbestos Management

As a UK licensed asbestos contractor, Bilfinger provides asbestos abatement and removal services to industrial premises throughout the UK.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Bilfinger offer a complete CUI management programme encompassing inspection, maintenance and repair (IRM). Combining knowledge and capability across a range of disciplines makes the management of CUI a seamless process with one contract and one fully integrated team.

Inspection Services

Bilfinger is an established provider of conventional, advanced and specialist nondestructive testing services to the energy, oil and gas, petrochemical and utilities sectors. Our experienced teams deliver a full range of conventional, advanced and specialist inspection methods to clients.

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