Engineering Procurement


Capturing Technical Procurement Specifications

Equipment Procurement

Equipment procurement for the process plant industries is a daunting and complex task, requiring good engineering knowledge of the final requirements.

Our experienced multidiscipline engineering team regularly work with our project management and procurement teams to ensure that project procurement meets the engineering requirements.

We develop technical procurement specifications for all disciplines covering equipment and subcontract work packs to meet customer's requirements, in-line with the applicable UK, European and international industry standards. Typical industry standards include ASME, API, BS EN, ISO, IGEM, EI as well as European Directives.


Bid Clarification & Technical Stewardship

Our engineers lead technical bid clarification discussions with equipment suppliers to ensure the proposed solutions meet the technical criteria, considering the Best Available Technology (BAT), and make technical recommendations based on the outcome of the bid clarification discussions.

In addition, we will continue to provide technical stewardship until the item is delivered, installed and commissioned. We ensure that the supplied equipment meets technical requirements through the review of vendor design documentation. We will also attend and witness factory acceptance tests prior to final delivery.


Technical Procurement Process

Throughout the whole technical procurement process, our engineers continuously draw from their experience and offer a number of advantages. They always keep value engineering in mind to ensure a robust technical solution is achieved without over-specification and over-engineering. They also can identify any potential technical risks prior to order placements to prevent wasted or potential future spend on mitigation measures.

Our technical procurement covers anything ranging from specialist equipment packages, COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) items to bulk materials. Types of equipment and materials that we regularly procure include: rotating equipment, static equipment, packaged units and E&I equipment.

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