Identifying Hazards & Eliminating Risks

Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) place duties on any individual or organisation that is involved in design for construction projects. The most important duty is for the designer to identify hazards and then eliminate or reduce the risks associated with the hazard. Where there are residual risk then the designer must inform others including the customer and principal contractor of those risks so they can be controlled later in the project.


Constructability in Design

As an experience multidiscipline design organisation for the process industry Bilfinger UK undertake the duties of the designer under CDM as part of our business as usual approach to delivering design.

We have a procedure, which we follow, but the most important aspect of compliance to these requirements is to ensure the design goes review with the correct stakeholders at regular points through the process. 


Principal Designer Appointment

An additional duty which applies to the majority of projects we are involved in is the requirement for the customer to appoint a principal designer.

Where Bilfinger UK are acting as principal designer, we would appoint a member of our team as the dedicated principal designer to the project; however, they would not be part of the design team working on the project. The principal designer will oversee the preconstruction activities to ensure that the duties of principal designer are carried out and will be actively involved through audit activities and discussions with the preconstruction phase management team.

The majority of our design work is of a multidiscipline and multiorganisational nature, the way in which we execute all preconstruction phase works will follow a process aligned to the principal designer duties; this shall apply should we be acting as principal designer or designer.


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