Process Optimisation


Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP)

The Process Industry Digital Go-To Platform

Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP®) tool is the digital go-to platform for applications in the process industry! It uses smart data, IoT and AI-based solutions to help you maximise data-based efficiency. Additionally with this tool we can build solutions based on our customer's asset data providing actionable insights and implementing improvements specific to their business using combined competences of software development, data science and domain knowledge.


BCAP Platform

With a scalable architecture, our BCAP Platform allows for a seamless integration and combination of various industrial data sources. This offers you the flexibility to deploy third party solutions with BCAP as your central hub and simultaneously utilize its comprehensive security mechanisms. BCAP platform uses third party Microsoft Azure Data Centers, which are audited for compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO27018 standards on an annual basis.

Asset Monitoring

The data visualization and analytics solution for sensor data. It is connecting to multiple systems, thus opening the data silos to give one clear view on all the data. At the same time, its user-friendly interface helps you to keep track of the target. It offers highly customizable visuals to match your needs. Asset Monitoring gathers all the sensor data available at the facility and compiles it so that you can see the results in a single dashboard

Asset Monitoring Icon

Smart Alerting

An alert detection and notification solution for production and maintenance teams. It can connect to various data sources and identify alerts across multiple sources. Smart Alerting prevents your production and maintenance teams from alert floods but let them focus on the crucial alerts to deliver performance excellence. The solution is highly flexible in detecting alerts and lets users benefit of artificial intelligence without the knowledge of data science. This makes Smart Alerting a scalable and easy to implement solution.

Plant Intelligence

Plant intelligence is a complete set of dashboards demonstrating your plant’s performance on availability, operational performance and quality of your product. Hence providing a single version of truth of your performance. Additionally this solution enables the users to do a detailed analysis of the performance and losses in order to define improvements. Based on the executed improvements you can track the effects on the performance. When implementing this continuous improvement solution at your plant, we do not only deliver the technical solution but also embed this into your daily process and empower your people in data driven decision-making. You can expand this solution with our solutions energy intelligence and maintenance intelligence


Unlock Your Isolated Data Potential

Process plants generate a variety of data, ranging from computerised maintenance management system data (CMMS) to operational data such as sensor or equipment data from a DCS, as well as data from the plant engineering software (CAE) and external data like weather information. This data is usually collected, but isolated and not used, but BCAP® is able to combine all of these sources of information and knowledge into one platform. By contextualising this data, we understand the cause and effect of your processes, thereby making your industrial plant smarter and more transparent.


Digital Migration

BCAP® can convert any data into the right formats which minimises efforts to connect with legacy systems. BCAP® can also search and find relevant data digitally, then collect this data in one central environment. This improves efficiency, reduces costs and offers optimal utilisation, compliance and safety of your assets as only one point of access is needed.

Process Optimisation

BCAP® can combine, integrate and connect data from different silos into one place, thereby increasing the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by reducing quality deviations, improving plant availability, optimising energy management and boosting throughput.

Predictive Analytics

BCAP® translates all connected data into smarter predictions and alerts by analysing and monitoring critical assets to provide a clearer understanding of the remaining useful lifetime of parts or deviating processes, and to schedule counter measures, which maximise the up-time of plants and to save maintenance costs. 


Bilfinger's Industry Experts

With Bilfinger's network of 30,000 industry experts, you will have access to both comprehensive digitalisation know-how and deep industry knowledge that can meet every plant and its applications unique requirements. Our interdisciplinary teams consist of experts for industry specific asset optimisation topics, such as OEE improvement, specific equipment types, energy optimisation and reliability engineering. We have data scientists, business consultants, engineers and experts covering the full life cycle of your plant, so please take advantage of these expertise!


Fit for digitalization: What BCAP can do

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