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Operational Technology Applications

Bilfinger UK have extensive experience in the use and implementation of cloud based technologies. In the first instance, as would be expected, we have implemented SaaS models within our own day to day operations using both in house and 3rd party applications. We also however have a significant amount of in-house capability focussed on the development and implementation of cloud technologies, as well as complex interfaces across ERP and control environments.

Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP) is an example of how we utilise our in-house capability through implementation of our own cloud based analytics platform. Although this example is focussed on our in-house platform the capabilities that we have in this area can be focused on any solutions that we are working on with either our customers or technology partners.


Cloud Based Analytics Platform

With BCAP, we have built an analytical platform that provides everything from data integration, preparation and evaluation to visualisation 'as a service'. The BCAP platform is a cloud-born and cloud native platform that naturally brings all the benefits that come with a cloud solution: security, scalability, high availability, flexibility and cost efficiency. BCAP runs on Microsoft Azure and operates in the European region by default but can also be deployed in any other region supported by Azure.

Built upon Microsoft Azure, leading and cutting-edge technologies are the basis for the development of our platform and our applications. We utilise such services as:

  • REST APIs or Real-time Streaming (Connect)
  • Data Bricks or Data Factory (Process)
  • Azure Functions or PySpark (Calculate)
  • Azure Data Explorer or Azure SQL (Analyse) as well as
  • PowerBI and Grafana (Visualise)

Our BCAP platform is an end-to-end solution for making insights available in order to create business value. BCAP is fully accessible via the web-based portal but also open for interaction via APIs or Edge.

BCAP Technologies

Customisable Standard Applications

Bilfinger UK are able to provide easily customisable standard applications and also develop individual tailored applications. In addition, we have seamlessly integrated further third-party products for special requirements such as Trendminer. Due to our portal approach, it is possible for us to integrate further external applications that are not directly integrated in our cloud as well as to integrate the BCAP platform into other platforms.

Our BCAP platform provides a comprehensive end-to-end security based on leading industry standards in order to secure your data. Device and service authentication uses unique PSK keys. Both data transmission as well as data in rest are encrypted. The former via TLS, the latter by using 256-bit AES encryption. Naturally, BCAP features separated customer environments as well as the different staging environments.

BCAP does neither have direct access to your IT/OT environment nor full control over your data. You as a customer decide which data you want to share with us, we then offer different technical options suitable for your use case. When it comes to user management, you also have the full control and responsibility. Instead of creating and maintaining a user management in BCAP, our platform will be connected to your authentication provider. This is fully transparent for you and eliminates any kind of data privacy barriers.

BCAP Cloud Platform

Further Applications

Alongside the technologies detailed in our BCAP platform we have also been working closely with our partners such as Microsoft in the development of media platforms and augmented reality applications for core areas of our business. Working alongside partners in AI and ML we have developed applications such as Bilfinger PIDGraph, which is used to automatically analyse P&ID files and significantly reduce time around conversion and digitisation of P&ID’s as well as predictive algorithms for operational improvement.

These are just some examples of the application of technology that we are currently implementing but our team of experts are capable of working on the development and implementation of any solutions within this area that may be required by our customers.

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