Digitised Plant Documentation

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Bilfinger PIDGraph

Digitalised P&IDs

Within the process industry there can be thousands of plant Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), which are either outdated, still analog or spread among disparate Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) systems. Bilfinger PIDGraph solves this problem by digitising P&IDs using artificial intelligence and then converting them into CAE-compatible files.


Digital Twin Foundations

An approach to creating a digital twin for an industrial plant is to digitise the P&IDs, this requires manually re-drawing plant documents in a digital format which was previously very time-consuming and costly. However, Bilfinger PIDGraph makes this process a much faster and more efficient as it is able to process various formats including PDFs, AutoCAD and Microstation or image files. Using artificial intelligence, the web-based technology automatically recognises the objects, tags and tables and converts them into an open, CAE-compatible format.

Bilfinger PIDGraph overview
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