Digital Scaffold Management


Bilfinger Scaffold Portal

Digitising the Scaffold Inventory

The Bilfinger Scaffold Portal digitises the scaffold inventory and management process by introducing significant process improvements, as well as full transparency of activities on-site and by providing supervisory personnel access to a digital twin for all associated documentation. 

Historically scaffold management has been predominantly paper-based, which is subject to human error or wilful neglect that can lead to site tonnage anomalies. The Bilfinger Scaffold Portal registers and associates paperwork in a PDF format, which are then stored to meet regulatory requirements. 

Our engineers identified a requirement for a simple and effective method of managing scaffold inventory on-site, that can be monitored remotely, and remain compliant with local regulatory requirements. Therefore, the Bilfinger Scaffold Portal was designed as a bespoke digital platform for the energy market, and was created with our technical authorities, scaffold design team, engineers, and in-house digitalisation team to ensure compliance with current regulations and industry best practice. 


The Bilfinger Scaffold Portal can measure:

  • Long term scaffolding tonnage
  • Scaffolding dimensions and tonnage
  • Scaffolds dismantles due
  • Time and date stamp scaffolding inspections 
  • Defects
  • Scaffold requests
  • Ladder register and inspection
  • Scaffold disposal
  • Site Stock module to allow easy transfer of stock in/out


Real-Time Data & Enhanced Capability

The Bilfinger Scaffold Portal can be accessed on a desktop or EX-rated mobile device and both live and cached information, which automatically updates when in WiFi or 4G connected areas. As all scaffold information is held centrally, the Bilfinger Scaffold Portal provides our customers with a complete real-time overview of  their scaffold activities and associated metrics. The Bilfinger Scaffold Portal also allows our customers to take photographs of scaffolds and save these to the tag ID, as well as create reports using Microsoft Power BI to provide clear and live analytical dashboards.


  • Fully functional online/offline - suitable for EX-rated devices or desktop
  • Real-time visibility of scaffold utilisation metrics and data for all stakeholders 
  • Consistent weight and man-hour estimating
  • Improved procedure compliance 
  • Improved compliance with scaffold design requirement guidelines 
  • Faster audit execution


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