Digital Maturity Assessment

Bilfinger Digital Maturity Assessment

Evaluating your Digital Status

Digital Maturity Tools

Bilfinger UK's Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) serves as the starting point for your digital transformation in production and maintenance. Knowing your status is essential to identify your potential in operational excellence, therefore, we use our digital maturity tools to understand and define the best changes and most effective methods of digital transformation for our customers.

Digital Maturity Assessment Explanation

Digital Transformation

Defining the road ahead maximises the return of your investments and helps to avoid expensive experiments. Also knowing your current digital status makes your decisions effective, that's why in our DMA we target the delicate balance for a successful digital transformation, focusing on:

  • People​
  • Process​
  • Technology
Digital Maturity Assessment Overview

Operational Execellence Roadmap

The DMA follows a structured and objective approach, the business specific advantages and goals of the DMA are developed on-site together with the customer. In the assessment itself, the questionnaire evaluates 9 business relevant dimensions:

  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • People
  • Organisation
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Smart Operations
  • Smart Factory
  • Technology

The outcome of the assessment allows us to understand the best approach for your roadmap, our in-house teams will work with you using the outcomes from the assessments to plan and evaluate the best solutions to provide real benefit from digital solutions.


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