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Tablet instead of clipboard

Bilfinger's smart applications enable maintenance work to be documented efficiently by improving the quality of the documentation with no double entry required, which saves time and money. They run on commercially available smartphones or tablets as well as on protected devices for areas exposed to explosion hazards.


Leaner Processes

Bilfinger's smart applications process involve an employee receiving an assignment, which is displayed on their smartphone or tablet. Then after completing the assignment, the employee enters into their mobile device which tasks they have completed, how much time it required to complete as well as which materials were used. The applications then automatically transmits this information to the system, removing the need for the employee to manually enter this data, thereby reducing the time spent by each employee working on their assignments.

In addition, the employee can carry out much more precise maintenance using the applications, with maintenance reports also accessible via a smartphone. Moreover, the employee can quickly see how frequently an error has occurred in the past and how it was rectified. Circuit diagrams or manufacturer’s information can also be accessed via the applications to provide additional support.


Providing a Competitive Advantage

With the Bilfinger's smart applications, we set ourselves apart from our competition as we are the only provider to offer these types of mobile solutions whilst also completing maintenance work. With our applications, we are not merely supplying IT solutions, our ideas were developed by practitioners for practitioners, this sets us apart from other providers.

Furthermore, Bilfinger's smart applications have additional processes that can be easily integrated via a matrix of function modules, which can be individually adapted and extended for each customer's needs. Also within four to six weeks, we can develop and create fully integrated pilot applications for our customers.

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