Steps to Digitalisation

Steps to Digitalisation graphic

01 & 02 – Tackling Obsolescence and Reliability

These are the areas that industry has been addressing for years, making sure our assets are reliable and that our information quality is good. This however doesn‘t necessarily mean ripping out all of your assets and replacing with new "Intelligent" devices. Instead we could for example replace 50% of assets to free up spares for the other 50% in some cases, it all depends on the value case.

03 – Functionality and Asset Management

Once we have reliable data we need to start to understand that data and crucially the assets behind it.

To do this we need to find the answers to these questions:

  • Does the data give us what we need for the value case?
  • Do we know what we want to know about the asset?
  • How can we easily acquire the extra data we need?

04 – Platforms and Standards

This should be the final step, we now look at which platform best suits our requirements. We shouldn‘t be looking to implement a platform and then make everything work to it, again is about the best value solution.

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