Process Automation & System Integration


Process Reliability & Optimisation – The Gateway to Digitalisation

System Integration Delivery

Automation has a rich history of evolution and the adoption of new technologies and features to improve the way sites are operated and maintained. Bilfinger UK are a platform independent systems integrator with extensive experience of delivering projects in a wide range of industries including heavily regulated industry. This agnostic approach to process automation enables us to design solutions based around our customer’s needs using the best in-class technology to maximise the benefits realised in the solutions we provide.


Control System Solutions

Bilfinger UK has been delivering control system solutions in the UK and overseas for over forty years across a wide range of industries. The solutions we provide are tailored to meet specific client needs and are designed by our highly skilled engineers to deliver optimum performance of assets. Projects range from making modifications/improvements to existing systems or upgrading a standalone PLC, to larger distributed multi-discipline projects, where we provide end-to-end automation and control solutions.


  • PLC


  • DCS

  • RTU & Telemetry

  • Historian

  • MES

  • Industry 4.0 and IIOT solutions

  • Batch & Recipe Management

  • Functional Safety

  • Cybersecurity (IEC 62443)

  • Industrial Networks

  • IT/OT Convergence

  • Consultation & Design Services

  • Panel Design & Build

  • EC&I installations

  • Service Support


Industry 4.0 Technologies

With the continued development of an ever-expanding range of products and solutions, the ability to realise the benefits Industry 4.0 offers is increasingly achievable, customisable and cost effective. While maintaining existing assets and obsolesce management are still very important, and we continue to support a wide range of clients with these services.

We are seeing more and more customers recognising the importance of data availability and accuracy and how it can be used to operate the plant more effectively. This can be through improvements in plant performance, energy usage, alarm management, reduction in downtime or through improvements in people and processes.

At Bilfinger UK, we help our customers realise the potential of industrial digitalisation in conjunction with the benefits Industry 4.0 solutions offer. This can be as part of traditional automation projects, deploying bespoke solutions using Industry 4.0 technologies, deploying IIOT projects, supporting our clients with IT/OT convergence or through digitalisation consultancy to help our clients map out their digitalisation roadmap.



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At Bilfinger UK we utilise our digital innovation tools and services in all aspects of our projects. This means we can provide solutions that are more intelligent and add value to our customers throughout the life cycle.