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Utilising a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

An MES allows the user to readily collate, process and monetise data from a multitude of sources across a range of assets. With the value of organised data being realised, the initial investment in MES can be recouped over a very short time.


Measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the IT-driven change it has made to manufacturing systems, we see a greater emphasis on interconnection as more data-sets are digitised. Once we see this seamless interconnection, we can start to look at OEE, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) along with other Asset Performance Management (APM) measures, these provide tangible savings to clients and make the data meaningful, rather than sitting in a data lake, gathering virtual dust. Realising this is key to the sale of MES to customers, as the ‘nice to have’ becomes a money-saving tool, which customers eventually adopt as an essential operating feature.

OEE brings together quality, performance and availability to give us a combined metric to measure our operations against and in implementing this; we can gain insights into how to systematically improve our operations. This metric isn’t just used at a local level, it can help us to identify trends across multiple locations and assets and continually improve based on best practice. KPI’s are unique to the customer site, and are used to measure asset performance, whether that be part of an O&M effort to gauge gain/pain over the course of a contract or to measure one site team’s effectiveness against that of a similar operation elsewhere in the company portfolio.


Why Bilfinger UK?

Bilfinger UK are an independent and approved solution partner working closely with all of the major technology providers in the field. Whether your solution is designed to provide OEE, or simply to provide more information at the ERP level. We have the capabilities and experience to consult, design and deliver from machine interface and integration right through to enterprise layer data-management. This allows us, regardless of your existing infrastructure, to provide fully integrated, agnostic, solutions across all of your platforms.


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