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Tackling Obsolescence with Digital Solutions

Utilising New Technologies

Obsolescence is a topic, which is relevant for a large number of our customer’s facilities and has been for a long time. With the arrival of Industry 4.0 and the drive towards more technologically advanced systems and solutions, the need to replace older equipment for new advanced solutions only seems to be getting stronger. We now need to look at obsolescence through the lens of Industry 4.0 and utilising new technologies to augment and digitally enable assets, extending their service life whilst also moving our processes and facilities along the Industry 4.0 road.


Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence management is now an opportunity to digitally enable and upgrade systems to provide further value in the form of data capture to improve plant optimisation, efficiency and reduce plant down time. Taking a customer on a journey to digitally enable their plant is far more than just replacing old obsolete equipment. We harness today’s technology and connectivity and create ideas and solutions through innovation and expertise. Alongside all of this, is ensuring that systems are secure and robust against cyber vulnerabilities and attacks in-line with IEC62443, which is an essential accreditation to have and the only viable way to operate.


Obsolescence Surveys

Our approach to this is simple; we take traditional obsolescence surveys and enhance these by incorporating remedial solutions, which include Industry 4.0 technology and other key areas such as cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Our ethos is to add value to the process and bring ideas and innovation that complement the need for change.

We have a team of engineers covering the whole of mainland UK, who have the necessary qualifications and experience to undertake these projects. This is complemented by our 24/7 service support team, who can provide support and remedial action, under an agreed SLA providing a true end-to-end solution.


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