Ensuring Safe & Efficient Operations

Global Maintenance Contracts

Bilfinger UK has many years of experience as a maintenance contractor with a vast number of maintenance contracts across the globe with various customers of differing size and at differing levels of maintenance maturity. 

We understand what makes maintenance work in differing environments with differing challenges, we support our customers with the right combination of motivated and competent personnel, best practice methodologies and significant technical expertise. This is driven through incremental maintenance improvements with the shared goals of improving service efficiency and asset reliability, and optimising maintenance cost.  


Fully Integrated Maintenance Services

Bilfinger UK can provide our customers with maintenance services for the entire life cycle of an industrial plant, from initial construction and commissioning through to maintenance, efficiency enhancements, expansion, conversions and turnarounds; with our services and expert knowledge we are able to advise, accompany and support our customers along the entire asset life cycle.

Our services include maintenance engineering and consulting, the planning and execution of maintenance across all trades, the coordination of subcontractors, the planning and execution of Turnarounds, as well as condition monitoring, reliability management and asset integrity assessments.

Our fully integrated range of services available allow our customers the benefit of interacting with only one strategic supplier who can support all of their requirement. This simplifies contract administration and coordination and enables clear demarcation of risk for performance of the maintenance service.


Technical Authorities & Qualified Team

We take great pride in delivering a differentiated intelligent service that can help our customers achieve improvements to their processes and the performance of their assets, and this means providing our site teams and key personnel with the appropriate management guidance, training and access to best practice and optimal equipment to allow us to deliver these incremental improvements. 

Technical authorities and qualified design engineers are available via our UK engineering base to assist with design, execution, risk assessment and quality control. We also support our contract teams with industry leading digital solutions to enhance efficiency, report performance and deliver actionable insights enabling further improvements.


Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC)

The Bilfinger Maintenance Concept has 16 modules and more than 30 maintenance methods and tools, which ensures uniform safety and quality management at the highest level. 


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At Bilfinger UK we utilise our digital innovation tools and services in all aspects of our projects. This means we can provide solutions that are more intelligent and add value to our customers throughout the life cycle.