Bilfinger UK wins an automation replacement project for a hydro-electric power station owned and operated by Innogy Renewables UK


Bilfinger UK has been awarded a contract to provide a replacement of the Control Scheme at Innogy’s Cwm Dyli Power Station in North Wales. The project is part of Innogy’s wider asset management strategy, whereby their fleet of hydro-power sites is undergoing a program of refurbishment and efficiency improvements.

Bilfinger UK will be replacing the Unit Control PLC, Electrical Panels & MCC, and providing a new HMI and interface to Innogy’s SCADA system. Control Panels for the Turbine Governor and Generator AVR are also to be replaced as part of the scope.

Innogy is placing greater emphasis on maintaining its assets throughout the region and sees Bilfinger UK as a key Systems Integrator for future automation work.

Innogy and Bilfinger have worked together closely during the delivery of the hydro fleet control system upgrade. Bilfinger are now in a stronger position than ever before to deliver the Cwm Dyli 2020 project, drawing experience from the previous successes and from the lessons learned.

Matt Gaskin, Project Manager, Innogy Renewables UK

Innogy is one of our key strategic clients. Projects like this demonstrate a key commitment from Innogy to the long-term development and sustainability of renewable energy in the UK. Naturally we are happy to be part of this.

John Cauchi, Strategic Development Director, Bilfinger UK