Bilfinger supports expansion of the FUCHS Group


  • Installation of innovative piping systems at the new plant near Stockholm
  • Order in the single-digit million euro range

Bilfinger has been commissioned by lubricant manufacturer FUCHS to install modern production equipment and piping systems at its new blending plant in Haninge near Stockholm. The Swedish Bilfinger team will weld approximately 15,000 welding joints between stainless-steel pipes, oil tanks, pumps, valves and other connecting pieces. Valued in the single-digit million euro range, the work will be carried out by Bilfinger between July and December 2019. The contract comes under Bilfinger’s Engineering & Maintenance service line.

“We are supporting FUCHS Nordics to complete the installations in the cutting-edge new plant in Haninge,” says Duncan Hall, Chief Operating Officer at Bilfinger. “The innovative stainless-steel piping system will generate substantial efficiency gains for our customer.”

Drawing on its expertise in meeting the exceptional technical challenge of welding pipes made from metal alloys, Bilfinger Industrial Services in Sweden will be installing the equipment and the piping systems. Around 40 percent of the pipes are to be pre-assembled at Bilfinger in Stenungsund (Sweden). This will make the on-site installation even more efficient.

Per Norgren, Head of Supply Chain in the Nordics at FUCHS, says: “Thanks to Bilfinger, we can finalise installations on time and relocate as planned. Looking ahead, the state-of-the-art piping systems will let us produce different blends of lubricants even more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

The tanks at the new FUCHS plant will have dedicated pipes for raw materials to the blending units. This will reduce the amount of flushing and waste oil in the future. Since the systems consist of stainless-steel pipes, the laborious process of coating the carbon steel pipes used previously can additionally be dispensed with.