Bilfinger and tapio join forces to digitalise the wood industry


  • High demand for Bilfinger’s competence in digitalisation across industries
  • Video platform Industrial Tube facilitates knowledge transfer in wood industry

Bilfinger partners with tapio, the specialist for the digitalisation of the wood industry, with regard to the knowledge platform Industrial Tube. The application was developed by the industrial services provider to enable both blue and white-collar workers to share their knowledge across borders and industries. It will now be used for the first time by customers in the wood industry. Bilfinger makes Industrial Tube including the App, IT structures and the Web portal available to tapio. tapio is integrating Industrial Tube into its customer offer.

“The knowledge that experienced employees bring to the table is a key asset and a competitive advantage for any company, regardless of the sector or industry concerned,” said Franz Braun, Chief Digital Officer of Bilfinger and CEO of the corporation’s subsidiary responsible for digitalization matters, Bilfinger Digital Next. “With Industrial Tube, we enable this knowledge to be shared in a way that is simple, digital and cost efficient.”

Industrial Tube enables companies to preserve and share the knowledge of their employees. Using the Industrial Tube App on their smartphones, users are able to create videos based on a prepared script. They record a running commentary on the individual work steps as they are being carried out. Subsequently, the App transfers the video material to Industrial Tube, where it is automatically assembled into a finished video. Using Artificial Intelligence, the system also creates subtitles in several languages as well as keywords that make the video easy to find and share.

Christian Neumann, Managing Director of tapio: “tapio is based on the principle of an ecosystem growing by the contributions made by its partners and customers. Following our ecosystem-approach, we are expanding our range of digital products by a key knowledge-sharing component instead of reinventing the wheel.”

As of today, tapio partners with 36 well-known enterprises, covering the full width of the wood industry. Their customers include small companies up to major industrial players with several hundreds of machines for wood processing.