Bilfinger IAS is to replace the control system of the oldest hydro-electric power station in Wales


Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services (IAS) Ltd is working on one of the oldest hydro–electric power station in Wales. Based in Dolgarrog in the Conwy Valley, Bilfinger has been commissioned by RWE IBS UK acting on behalf of Innogy Renewables UK Ltd, one of Europe’s leading energy companies, to replace the control systems architecture and monitoring systems for increased optimisation and improved reliability. 

With its in-house domain experience of Hydro plants, Bilfinger is replacing the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) which monitors 23 Hydro Electric Schemes across the UK. The schemes are operated and maintained by innogy of which Bilfinger will also be refurbishing five of its Turbine Operating Units. 

“The new SCADA System will be implemented in parallel with the existing system in an engineered and phased approach for smoother transition and minimum interruption. The solution will offer a more robust and reliable platform which will meet innogy’s operating requirements and cater for the potential of new Hydro Schemes being added for years to come,” says Paul Wright, Project Manager  within Bilfinger IAS‘s Projects Department. 

“We had worked on the upgrade on Dolgarrog’s Unit 4 Control System in 2012. As a result of this we gained a thorough understanding of the requirements and potential risks associated with such upgrade projects, which has enabled us to apply this valuable knowledge and further reduce the risks during upgrade of the remaining three units. As a key service provider in the power market, we are committed to innogy‘s long-term objective of improving level of services for their customers through efficient and optimised processes,” says Steve Taylor, Head of Projects.