Maintenance, Modifications & Operations

Our service range covers the entire life cycle of an industrial plant. From commissioning through to maintenance and efficiency enhancements as well as expansion, conversion or shutdown; with our services we are in a position to advise, accompany and support our customers along the entire value chain with our extensive experience and strong service mentality.

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Bilfinger is one of the few providers in the market in a position to provide its customers maintenance services for the entire life cycle of an industrial plant. Our services include maintenance engineering and consulting, the planning and execution of maintenance measures in all key trades, the coordination of subcontractors, the planning and execution of turnarounds as well as condition monitoring.

Bilfinger firmly believes that effective maintenance is unlocked through implementation of efficient planning and scheduling. Our basic motto is: "Get the work right first time and on time", and this can only be achieved if the planning and scheduling process is being executed to the appropriate level of detail by field planners and schedulers with the right level of experience and competence.

Bilfinger's Connect Asset Performance (BCAP) cloud-based platform provides a comprehensive solution for the digitalisation of operating processes in industrial plants, bringing together previously separate data from engineering operation and maintenance, enabling targeted evaluation of this data to identify improvements in the anticipation of potential plant malfunctions as well as further reduction in unplanned downtimes.


Bilfinger offers a comprehensive range of customised services for the modification and expansion of industrial plants. We assume responsibility for detailed engineering, project management as well as the procurement and manufacture of the necessary components. We execute plant engineering, piping construction and steel construction and carry out assembly in all trades (Mechanical Engineering, EI&C, ISP). We of course also look after the commissioning and transfer the modifications and/or expansion into the maintenance process.

We also accompany our customers with the demolition and conversion of their plants. To this end, in addition to project management and detailed engineering, we provide services in the areas of dismantling in all trades, waste management, logistics, reassembly and commissioning as well as documentation.


In addition to the maintenance and expansion of industrial plants, we also support our customer with the operation of industrial plants. This typically relates to independent process units that deliver support services for the operation of the actual industrial facility of our customer.

We ensure the ongoing operation of these plants, monitor their performance, carry out necessary expansions and modifications, are responsible for the procurement of required resources such as materials and energy and look after the repair and maintenance of the facility.


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