Virtual Reality 3D Models

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Bilfinger UK are specialist in laser scanning and 3D design as an integrated work flow; we have been designing 3D models in BIM for many years and have recently adapted a feature to view these in Virtual Reality (VR) using mobile devices or VR headsets.

With this feature our customers are able to virtually walk around their future factories or installations and experience in real-time what it will look like prior to creation and keeps them up-to-date on their project's design status.

The feature also allows our customers to identify risks in the earliest design stages and test the operability and maintainability of an installation. Therefore, our high quality BIM models eliminate unwanted budget and planning surprises during the construction phase.


Click on the images or scan the QR codes below with a mobile device to experience a pre-rendered 360° VR view of a fixed position of our 3D models.

Virtual Reality 3D Model 1
Virtual Reality 3D Model QR Code 1
Virtual Reality 3D Model 2
Virtual Reality 3D Model QR Code 2
Virtual Reality 3D Model 3
Virtual Reality 3D Model QR Code 3
Virtual Reality 3D Model 4
Virtual Reality 3D Model QR Code 4


If you want to experience the full Virtual Reality scope with a professional VR headset rendered in real-time, please request a demonstration here.

Industrial 360 page image 1

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