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Sustainable Industrial Services

Sustainability is a key aspect of our corporate strategy and with our services we make a significant contribution to our clients achieving their sustainability goals. We do this by increasing the efficiency of assets, reduce emissions, and enhance effectiveness in the process industry.

In recent years environmental legislation governing the operation of industrial plants has become highly regulated. Global and public pressure call for reductions in emissions, energy efficiency and a reduction in our carbon footprint, which requires continued commitment of industries in our sector to meet more stringent environmental requirements by 2050.  

Sustainability in the process industry means everyone in our business being committed to the highest Health, Safety and Environmental performance with a clear focus on driving energy efficiency, low emissions, and high plant availability. Our range of services supports precisely these objectives for Bilfinger and its’ customers.

Duncan Hall, COO, Bilfinger SE

At Bilfinger UK we recognise the growing demand for pioneering solutions to enable global industrial plants to be highly productive and efficient while reducing their ecological footprint at the same time. Working with our customers we can help them in meeting their own and environmental sustainability targets with our capabilities. 

We have made it our goal to work with our customers to further develop of our existing solutions as well as new products to allow our industries to meet the advancement in our understanding of climate change whilst also meeting the challenges of ensuring our industrial plants are compliant with environmental legislation.


Our service portfolio

To reduce energy needs and greenhouse gas emissions in industrial plants, we offer a range of various technologies, processes and services, including:

1. Reduction of energy intensity 

  • Energy efficiency audits and immediate measures
  • Waste heat utilisation
  • Smart heating network management

2. Use of alternative sources of energy

  • Alternative energies used include water, wind, hydrogen
  • Energy storage
  • Power to gas/gas grid/LNG

3. Reduction of CO2 emissions

  • Emission control
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Waste gas reduction

4. Reorganisation of the production process

  • Innovative waste burning technologies (CHP/waste to energy)
  • District heating to developments and expansions (Industrial Waste Heat)