Apprentice Profile

Euan Reid, Apprentice Piping Designer (2nd year)


  • Level 5 EAL SVQ2 Performing Engineering Operations at SCQF
  • Level 6 NC Mechanical Engineering
  • HNC and PAA\VQ-SET SVQ in Process Engineering Mechanical Maintenance
  • ECITB SVQ in Design and Draughting

Why Bilfinger?

I live locally to Grangemouth so I was aware of the company before making up my mind that it was where I wanted to work. Coming from an industrial town I had been told by many people that Bilfinger UK was a reputable and evolving company to work for and could offer many different opportunities around the world for those interested. When I knew that I could apply for a modern apprenticeship, I jumped at the chance because I knew it was a brilliant opportunity to start my career at a company regarded as one of the best in the industry.

Bilfinger UK offered to put me through a dual apprenticeship scheme where my knowledge of mechanical engineering, design and draughting would be broadened and I would be given the opportunity to study the qualifications needed for my aspired role. This was an offer I could not refuse, so I accepted without hesitation and haven’t looked back since.

Daily Tasks/Projects:

  • When I’m working in the field of construction we deal with project work so I’m constantly involved with different plant equipment such as valves, pumps, motors and piping.
  • I will use drawings issued by design to fully understand the job prior to starting and I will then begin constructing or destructing the system to ensure I can get it to the drawings requirements.
  • I must ensure before a project begins that I am aware of any potential risks it may bring with it to avoid causing any danger to myself or my colleagues to consistently comply with the company’s health and safety guidelines.
  • Evaluation of a range of different plant equipment to fully understand the concept of what they do.
  • Preparation of different materials and equipment for construction in order to ensure no time is wasted due to lack of organisation.

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully completing the qualifications needed to get me into the position I am in now.
  • Attaining a career in my chosen engineering field at Bilfinger UK.
  • Having the opportunity to learn new information in my field of work every day and expand my skills, knowledge and experience in the process.

Future Career Path:

My aim is to finish my HNC and PAA\VQ-SET SVQ in Process Engineering Mechanical Maintenance, as well as my qualification with the ECITB in design and draughting qualification. I then want to progress this further by going to university to study a degree in Mechanical engineering whilst working in the industry, allowing my knowledge of engineering design to grow. I hope after the completion of my degree I will be able to continually progress to higher roles in the company such as a project engineer and then be able to make my own contrib